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Piloting is a career that many young children dream about, but those dreams can be shattered so easily with just one letter from the FAA. At the Pilot Law Firm, our attorneys know how special it can be to fulfill your dreams--after all, Yulia Vangorodska is a pilot himself. Protect your career and your reputation with our specialized legal services.



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You should also have someone who is looking out for you and advocating for your best interests when you are working hard to achieve your dreams of flying through the clouds.

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As a pilot, we depend upon others to ensure that both our crew and passengers are safe, but oftentimes selfish actions win out. Whether it’s a failed ramp check that you are not liable for or you have received a letter from the NTSB or the FAA doling out transgressive actions against you, it’s important to have an attorney with aviation experience at your side. Yulia Vangorodska, Esq. understands how important your career as a pilot is to you and will work hard to ensure that you do not lose your own hard-won certifications and accolades.

At Pilot Law Firm, we cover a variety of different situations and cases that pilots may run into during the course of their careers. While these areas of practice can cover a lot of ground, our services are always focused to suit your exact needs. Securing your future career can be a daunting task and the attorneys at our firm are here to guide you on your way to a successful and long-running job roaming the skies. Below, we’ve listed our areas of practice to give you an idea what our specialties and focuses are. The best thing to do, even if you don’t see you personal concern listed here, is to contact us for a free consultation to decide whether we are right for your needs. Defend your future with Pilot Law Firm.

Pilot Certificate Actions

Becoming a pilot is a big step, and we’re here to help with any legal entanglements you may find yourself in that will prevent you from piloting in the future.

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FAA hearings

If you’ve received a letter from the FAA directing you to a hearing, it’s time to buckle down and hire an aviation law firm to help you put your best foot forward.

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Aviation Law

Aviation law can be dense, covering a wide array of different fields such as criminal defense, personal injury, and civil penalties. Let us make things clear for you.

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TFR violation defense

Facing a TFR violation? Our attorneys can work with you to ensure that your career won’t be jeopardized.

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Decades of Experience In Aviation Law

Interested in learning more about Aviation law? Feel free to tour our site and read about its many facets. Alternatively, if you require immediate legal aid, you may call our offices or reach out via email to arrange a meeting with Vangorodska. We understand the importance of returning to the air and your needs are imperative to our concerns. Your legal rights are of the utmost importance both to yourself and our mission statement, and our goal is to ensure they remain dignified and respected in these situations.

Federal Aviation Lawyer
Navigating the Complex Legal Landscape of Aviation

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At some point, you may find yourself faced with a number of obstacles. These may stem from issues with the FAA and NTSB due to an unreported DUI, a failed drug test, problems with your medical certifications, or numerous other problems not directly related to aviation. If any of these are familiar to you, Vangorodska is perfectly suited to your needs. Not only does he have personal experience in these same processes in the past during his piloting career, but he is also an exemplary attorney that prioritizes his clients above all else. His flexible payment model is also built around preservation, so clients’ livelihood and assets can remain protected without being drained by legal fees.

Reclaim your life and dignity!

If you’ve been involved in criminal activity such as a failed ramp check, or the possession of drugs in cargo, an attorney’s support is imperative. Committing these crimes can leave you vulnerable, and your certifications may be at stake, but it may also come with the added stress of fines or a potential criminal conviction. Nobody is free from accidents or mishaps either, and in that event, your personal injury rights need to be properly represented. If your air-vehicle was poorly maintained, or unprofessionally handled by a mechanic resulting in an air-accident, you may be entitled to be reimbursed thousands of dollars in lost wages, medical bills, and relinquish all forms of enforcement that the FAA has taken against you. Moreover, going behind bars carries a seemingly unshakable stigma that marks both you and those around you. Society places heavy emphasis on the time dedicated to our upbringing and education. By being imprisoned and subsequently unable to take on any responsible job, trade or profession, society as a collective whole feels a deep loss. The Aviation Lawyer in our team has a plethora of relevant expertise and knowledge to confidently tackle your case, regardless of its severity.

Your Life: Replugged!

Our expertise at Aviation Lawyer does not end at just white-collar crimes but extends to anything drug or sexually related, as well as federal crimes that you may face. At Pilot Law Firm, we pride our team on being fluid, flexible, and able to tackle anything, no matter how complex.

Yulia Vangorodska

Yulia Vangorodska is both a pilot and an attorney with years of relevant experience in each field making him the perfect candidate to specialize in aviation law. Regardless of your need or the scope of your issue Vangorodska prides himself on flexibility as a legal representative.

Vangorodska attended the University of Miami for his Bachelor’s degree before ultimately earning a J.D at the Syracuse University of Law. During his time at these establishments, Throughout his education, Yulia Vangorodska earned a reputation as an intellectual big-picture thinker and innovator.

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